echo tech team geeks out with location tracking

As engineers we want life to be easier than breathing. We want apps to replace unnecessary (random) human interactions, bots to replace assistants, even swiping left or right over the awkward effort of initiating contact the 90’s way.  Usually, these thoughts find little resonance with the ‘others’ but here’s a use case where we finally felt accepted, understood, at one at last with those who think Calculus was primarily a Tintin character.

Every other evening, we’re out for drinks, or a movie or some other shindig. More often than not, one person in the group reaches the venue first and then either waits around thinking about the cosmos or for the more frantic kind, starts calling everyone else with the usual questions, “where are you at?”, “how long are you going to take?” and so on. This is usually frustrating for both parties – the one that needs to chill and the one that needs to be more punctual.

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How Scootsy uses HyperTrack while delivering the best in Mumbai

This is a guest post by Rishi Khiani, CEO and Managing Director of Antfarm, the business incubator that is home to Scootsy, a popular intra-city service that delivers from the best restaurants and stores in Mumbai.

If you are in Mumbai and want your lunch from Jimmy Boy, snack from Suzette, dinner from Trishna and ice cream from The Parfait Company, chances are your convenient and anxiety free life is powered by Scootsy. It just got better. You can now track your deliveries in real-time on a map inside the Scootsy Android or iOS app that you know and love. You can watch your order get to you turn-by-turn while you wrap up your meeting, or get ready to plan the chai break, or get ready for that big dinner with friends. Continue reading “How Scootsy uses HyperTrack while delivering the best in Mumbai”

Using HyperTrack to improve productivity of Toppr’s sales team

This is a guest post by Zishaan Hayath, co-founder and CEO of Toppr, an education company on a mission to personalize learning using technology. Find this post on the Toppr blog too.

When you are a startup and resources are scarce, your productivity principle sounds something like this:

“Everything that helps you live — do more of it. Anything that you can skip — never do it.”

Three months ago, we piloted with a sales team that conducted home demos for our students. The pilot was well received . We increased the team size and rolled out an Android app to help the team manage their workflow for customer visits.

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How pharmacy delivery service PharmEasy is using HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Mikhil Innani, co-founder of Pharmeasy, a leading pharmacy delivery service for India


When customers pick up prescription medicines from a pharmacy store, the pharmacist verifies the prescription and hands over the medicines. However, when the medicines are ordered for delivery, the process of verifying the prescription and delivering the medicine happen at a different point in time and space. In the highly regulated business of pharmaceuticals, it is important for a new delivery model to ensure that prescription drugs do not fall in the wrong hands. While minute-by-minute timeliness of delivering planned doses for chronic illnesses is not as critical as other on-demand categories, the importance of tracking the delivery executive carrying the medicines is critical. Continue reading “How pharmacy delivery service PharmEasy is using HyperTrack”

How Skiwee is using HyperTrack to track service visits

This is a guest post by Surya Yalamanchi, co-founder of on-demand services startup Skiwee that is about to launch in Chennai and Hyderabad in July. Find this post on the Skiwee blog too.


Skiwee provides on-demand home services like plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc. through in-house recruited and trained service professionals. We win the customer through our service, and we drive the service through our technology. Continue reading “How Skiwee is using HyperTrack to track service visits”

Why HeyTaxi is counting on HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Manoj Maheshwari, founder and CEO of HeyTaxi, a cool ride-sharing service in Mumbai that connects commuters and riders to beat the rush hour on bikes.

HeyTaxi  logo 400x400I first got to know about HyperTrack in a Twitter conversation with Kashyap in September last year. He and his team had just started and claimed that their tracking experience for rides is cooler than Uber’s. I have been in the transport and logistics industry for over two decades now, and used to provide a fleet of drivers to Uber since the early days of their entry in the Indian market. My ride sharing app for two wheelers was taking off faster than I had imagined in Mumbai, and I did not have a large technology team like Uber, Ola and other app-based taxi companies. Continue reading “Why HeyTaxi is counting on HyperTrack”

BIRA 91 Draft Beer – Freshly Poured with BookMyStorage and HyperTrack

This is a guest post by Anuj Krishan, Chief Operations Officer at B9 Beverages, creators of BIRA 91 draft beer. 


At BIRA 91, we are firm believers in using cutting edge technology to enhance consumer experience as well as make our back-end operations more efficient and data driven. In a short duration of about one year, sine our launch in Delhi in Feb ’15, we have been able to establish India’s largest draft beer network. We have rolled-out our draft dispense platform in over 1,000 outlets across 5 cities, surpassing the large incumbents in our industry by a wide margin. Technology has played a crucial role in this outcome. Continue reading “BIRA 91 Draft Beer – Freshly Poured with BookMyStorage and HyperTrack”