HyperTrack now supports React Native

Over the last few years in the fast evolving Javascript ecosystem, React has emerged as one of the top libraries for building UI. Described as the “View in MVC” , it provides a high-performance way to keep views up-to-date with JavaScript, using its incredibly fast virtual DOM diff algorithm and one way data flows: from owner to child. Since its launch, React has redefined a lot of paradigms  by bringing fresh new take on web development.

Launch of React Native last year brought the power of React to native development, allowing developers to write React Components and generate genuine native interface using JavaScript. Continue reading “HyperTrack now supports React Native”

Now add your team members to your HyperTrack dashboard

Building great products is a team sport. Developers who built location features in their products using HyperTrack required multiple team members to access the HyperTrack dashboard to access account keys, edit account details and track live trips during pilot. Once they completed the development, users wanted their operations and customer service teams to be able to use the dashboard to track their drivers, monitor their performance and see real time alerts. So far, they did not have a way to give access of dashboard to all their team members, and they ended up sharing the login credentials with everyone who they wanted to provide access. Yikes!  Continue reading “Now add your team members to your HyperTrack dashboard”

The all new HyperTrack dashboard

We received a ton of feature requests and feedback on the dashboard that we released along with the HyperTrack public Beta release a couple of months ago. Many iterations, beers, Murphy interventions and comfort food later, we are now announcing the release of HyperTrack dashboard v2. Here is what’s new. Continue reading “The all new HyperTrack dashboard”

Don’t have a driver app? Now use HyperTrack with SendETA

From the early days of HyperTrack, the most common request we received from users was a ready-to-use app for their workforce to get started with tracking. These are businesses that do not have their own driver app to manage their workflows yet and want to use HyperTrack to monitor their workforce and power a great tracking experience for their customers. They include large enterprises with fleets, large logistics companies, corporations with large sales and service teams, inter-city transport companies with heavy vehicles and on-demand economy companies with outsourced technology teams. Continue reading “Don’t have a driver app? Now use HyperTrack with SendETA”

Our team is complete (for now)!

At HyperTrack, we are building SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate location tracking into their workforce and consumer apps. To build a service that developers around the world can trust and rely on, we are always looking to hire the best engineers. I’m extremely proud and happy to announce three new fantastic additions to complete our team (for now) as we obsessively march towards product-market fit. Continue reading “Our team is complete (for now)!”

Reducing time-to-first-track with HyperTrack

We have rolled out the following enhancements to our APIs to make it easier and more flexible to integrate with HyperTrack. If you are already integrated with HyperTrack, everything will continue to work as usual. You can choose to use these enhancements if it fits your use case better or if it simplifies your current integration. Continue reading “Reducing time-to-first-track with HyperTrack”

Announcing HyperTrack Beta release

GPS chips have been in leading smartphone models from the time when Apple released the App Store and Google released Android OS in 2008. Turn-by-turn navigation and the pale blue dot on the map have been a part of our lives since we started using apps. Apps have practically been location aware for as long as there have been apps on iOS and Android, that is eight years and counting. Think of the last time you downloaded an app that did not ask you permission to access your location. Continue reading “Announcing HyperTrack Beta release”